Our TrueTone, single coil pickups incorporate the following features:

1. Our own handmade, custom, bobbins. Click on the link at the bottom of the page for photos.

2. Alnico 5 quality magnets.

3. Single build poly/nylon insulated coil wire.

4. Scatterwound coils wound on a manual winding machine. Each turn of the coil is fed and observed by Jerry during the winding process. WE DO NOT use "auto-winding" machines. 

5. Every step of construction of our pickups is done by hand, from the making of the bobbin plates, mounting of the magnets, winding of the coil, to the hand soldering of the lead wire connections.

6. Each Pickup is tested on electronics to insure that the coil is wound to our specs and electrical parameters.

In addition to our line of single coil pickups, we also offer rewinding services for just about any magnetic type of single coil pickup. Such as, lap steels, pedal steels, standard "strat & tele" types, etc.

We offer our new "TrueTone" single coil pickups in the following sizes and prices:

  8-string------ $80.00

10 -string----- $90.00

12-string----- $100.00

Sierra owners , add $20.00 to above prices for our pickup mounted in Sierra's module.

Rewinding -{single coil only}--- $48.00

A $6 shipping charge will be added to each order in the continental USA. Please inquire about shipping charges to other locations.

We feel that our TrueTone pickups are top quality in both appearance and tone.  We believe anyone trying our pickups will discover that the TONE , FREQUENCY RESPONSE , STRING SEPARATION , WARMTH , BODY ,OUTPUT  and BALANCE of TrueTone pickups are unsurpassed in the industry.

NOTE: While ALL  single coil pickups will have some 60hz hum our pickups are wound and shielded in a way that minimizes this hum.

While humbucking pickups do cancel out 60hz hum, in our opinion, the "side effects" are that they also cancel out part of the frequency response. 

This is why you often see this term used by humbucker builders " TONE LIKE A SINGLE COIL-- WITHOUT THE HUM".

 Like many electronic and other applications, there is almost ALWAYS a "tradeoff" of one kind or another.

We fully guarantee all of pickups and rewinds. If your not satisfied for ANY reason, return it to us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund less shipping.

 Our pickups come with a 5 year warranty against any defect in materials or workmanship and will be replaced or repaired at no charge. Of coarse mishandling , abuse , and normal wear are not covered.

Click here for photos of our TrueTone pickups , winding shop equipment & electronics.